Bibliographical Listing of Secondary Literature


Expressionism in literature and the visual arts has been the subject of increased interest these past couple of decades. Major exhibitions throughout the world have featured the art scenes in Berlin, Munich, and Vienna as well as the works of many individual artists. The popularity of these exhibitions has been paralleled by, and perhaps even fueled, a dramatic increase in the prices collectors are willing to pay at auction for works by expressionists.

Literary expressionists and their works have also enjoyed a renaissance in the last few years. While interest in well-known figures, such as Kafka, continues to remain strong, scholars are now reevaluating the significance of works by lesser known writers— Carl Einstein, for one —and reviewing the status of less familiar sources, such as short-lived periodicals.

Expressionist multiple talents, such as Kandinsky, Kokoschka, and Kubin, require special consideration and provide a different kind of scholarly challenge (cf. my “Artistic Multiple Talents: Ecos of Peirce” in 'Yearbook of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Fine Arts' (Ohio Univ.) (1992) volume 3: 179-216. More specifically, despite the growing interest in expressionist topics, the relations among the works created in the various media by Ernst Barlach have not been considered carefully enough. A major reason for this is that Barlach-scholars, as they have repeatedly noted, have never had available to them a bibliography of secondary literature one might consider even close to comprehensive.

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